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Sundays are our main weekly corporate gathering and we love them! They are a wonderful time of worship, hospitality, testimony and learning together. It takes a huge effort to make Sundays amazing, from kids teams to hospitality and new visitors teams, to new believers teaching teams. They all come together to create a vibrant time of celebrating how good God is, together.

Here at Glo we really believe in creating a culture where we serve each other. Sunday’s are a great way to serve the family of Glo (teamwork makes the dream work!); so if you are a member of Glo it would be fantastic to have you join a Sunday team. Sundays’ involve so many ministries so we are sure that we can find you the perfect spot to use your giftings. Most members of the church serve once a month on a regular Sunday team and we’d hope this is something that every member of the family of Glo would aspire to do. This is a great springboard to meeting others in the church, finding a place to learn and grow together and serve the body of Christ. You will find as you serve in a particular team you will feel part of the family in a much deeper way and find real joy in it.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel qualified or have no experience in a certain area as many of our teams offer bespoke training and equipping; often the most important credential is your heart to serve and a smiling face!

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