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LTP 1- Overview of Biblical Leadership – Roger Ellis

Session 3 Dealing with leadership pressure and developing character – Alain Emerson

LTP Session 4 –  The leader as shepherd – Rachel Chant

December 7th

Session 5 Teamwork, delegation, representation

Session 6 Maintaining our evangelistic emphasis

January 4th

Session 7 Servanthood and responsibility

Session 8 Embodying and imparting the vision and values of the church

February 1st

Session 9 Planning, preparation and creativity

Session 10 Giving pastoral care and facing up issues

March 8th

Session 11 Healing

Session 12 Setting the captives free

April 12th

Session 13 Prayer

Session 14 Leading the church into the community

May 8th

Session 15 Releasing people into the gifts of the holy spirit

Session 16 Teaching and discussions in small groups

Session 17 Caring for new Christians 

May 9th


Term 1 book reading
Term one reading