The Working Party

Improvement Plan Working Party – Update 14/06/22

You may be aware that a working party has recently been established to create an improvement plan for our church. This is following recommendations by Loch Associates to change some of the cultures and behaviours of Global Generation Church to ensure it is a healthier environment for staff, volunteers and the congregation as a whole.

The purpose of the Working Party is to develop an improvement plan for the church that ensures that policies, procedures and working practices are put in place that ensure that the church can be a community where people are completely safe from fear of abuse. This improvement plan should help the church develop a culture where inappropriate conduct is first and foremost prevented by fostering practices of listening, learning and education. A culture where people always have a safe and easily accessibly route to raise any concerns they may have. And a culture which is quick to recognise and challenge abusive or inappropriate behaviour whenever it does happen.

The working party is made up of 15 existing members of Glo

We have all volunteered for this task. We are all committed to learning from the past and working together to come up with an improvement plan that helps our church move forward in a positive direction.

The members of the working party are;

  • Adam Papaphilippopoulos
  • Alison Issott
  • Bill Templeton
  • Chris Parker-Joy
  • Emma Lewis
  • Gemma Hornsey
  • Heather Skelton (facilitator)
  • Holly Papaphilippopoulos
  • Kerry Brewer
  • Liz Frost
  • Mark Allsworth
  • Mike Silvera
  • Terri Davis
  • Tracey-Anne Van de Merwe
  • Trevor Clarke

We are seeking to undertake a consultation to be able to understand the areas for development and how we can make recommendations for improvements. We envisage a range of consultation activities including, but not limited to; surveys, questionnaires, interviews, round table discussions etc. 

At our first meeting on Thursday 26th May, we established the Terms of Reference for the task in hand (see link above) and we also set some ‘ground rules’ for how we work as a group. Our second meeting, on Tuesday 7th June, we began to plan and design the consultation that we hope to run throughout July.

We would like to engage with as many people as possible so if you would like to be involved, please do get in touch with us at

We are looking forward to listening and learning,

Kind regards,

Heather Skelton
Facilitator – on behalf of the Improvement Plan Working Party for Glo.