Singing The Lords Song In A Strange Land

With everyone else I feel like I am trying to keep up with every passing week, how on earth did October arrive so soon and how early the nights are closing in. With every season change so do we and I hope that this email will be an encouragement and catalyst for us all in some way.

Firstly I want to let you know that this weekend Pete and Sammy Greig will be with us in person at both services. They have had this date in their diary for over a year and we all feel that they will be bringing a word in season for Glo and I feel somewhat the third part of a trilogy of key prophetic words for Glo over the past three months.

If you are wanting to attend in person I would strongly suggest you check in online now –

10am – Family Service – 

11.30am – Adult / Youth Service – 

The New Sunday – 

Last weekend we started meeting again in person with two services operating at 10 am and 11:30 am.

Both services are identical and are streamed online as well.

I cannot tell you that Joy found to be able to meet again in person even with the limitations upon gathering the teams did such an amazing job creating a service that was Safe inclusive of all ages and Lord was present amongst us. It was equally encouraging to see so many people logged on during the actual service as well and not treating Sunday as a convenience but prioritising gathering as an important part of sabbath.

We are making a few changes to continue to improve the area for families as we want this to be the best experience for encounter and learning as possible and well done to all of you that took part in that part of the venue last weekend.

One specific encouragement was that we hosted new visitors to Glo who checked-in online and made it their intention to be at church at the weekend, to say I was surprised would be an understatement and just enforced within me the conviction that we are a godly city within the city of our community and our doors need to be open.

Again I just wanted to remind you all that to attend on Sunday you need to check-in online as there is a limitation to how many people can be in the venue safely at any one time.

A New Song – Prayer 

Over the last few months, we have invited a few friends to input into our plans and the direction of the church in such strange times. People that are prophetic in their nature and we trust. What is clear with the words given was a call to us as a church to set our faces towards the Lord in times of prayer- to prioritise being in his presence. Corporate prayer, prayer together, prayer that would bless others, prayer that pays new attention to Jesus above everything else that is going on.

These words alluded to us as a church arriving at the base camp of Everest, a place of high altitude but not the actual summit that the Lord has for us, that thius season of prayer was one that was preparing us for a new altitude and summit….as Pat Cook would say ‘ The best is yet to come’.

The thing about such things is when we pursue the Lords call to us with real intentionality we make a way for that blessing to overflow to everyone else around us.

So our response is to host a season of ‘prayer nights’ starting next Sunday evening and running through to the next weekend. The evenings will be on-site and online (Via Zoom). One hour of prayer and worship at 8pm.

Check-in will not be required to be there in person but the main venue is limited to the first 60 people and 50 people in the cafe if required.

A New Song – Courage 

Fear has been rampant in our communities but ‘we’ are not a people of fear but a people of faith and confidence in the Lord. At the beginnning of COVID we prayed a bold prayer, that none would be lost in the community the church. That same week a new Christian was diagnosed with a serious case of COVID, we prayed and she was fully recovered within days.

Yes be sensible and careful but say no to being fearful and don’t let fear paralyse your faith, don’t let fear paralyse living with intentionality, don’t allow fear to dictate the desires of your heart. 

Throughout next week I will be posting new aspects to singing a new song in these times. My hope is that we will journey together into the new season spoken over us and prepare for new altitudes of presence, promise and purpose.

Mike x