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Summer Glo 2021

Forming Communities of Faith

22nd Aug 2021

Stella Andrea


Last week we all came together to make something big happen at Lark in the Park, but God doesn’t call us to just ‘do’ but to ‘be’. When was the last time you gathered together in a group to grow together spiritually? Stella brought a message encouraging us to gather to do just this – not just to help ourselves grow, but to help others too.

Optimism or Hope?

8th Aug 2021

Chris Parker Joy


Have you lost hope recently? We feel called to put our hope in everything – restrictions lifting, the prospect of a holiday or even just better weather! But we need something to give us more than optimism – we need real hope.

A Greater Hope

1st Aug 2021

Nigel Sydenham


What was the last thing you hoped for? For many of us, it’s as simple as good weather, good sporting results or for life to go the way we want it to – but these ‘hopes’ are little more than wishful thinking. As followers of Jesus, our hope is grounded in the reality of who God is, and all that he has promised for us…

Worship Service

25th Jul 2021


To celebrate being able to sing together as a church, we took a service for an extended time of worship and to share stories of our thankfulness to God.

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