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The Pilgrim's Guide

26th Sep 2021

Steve Morris


Part 3 of our PILGRIM series.

Who should we be following, and how should we be following? When the disciples chose to follow Jesus, they simply left everything, having faith that Jesus was worth leaving their old lives behind. Jesus is both the direction of heaven and the example of heaven.

The Pilgrim's Faith

19th Sep 2021

Mike Andrea


We are surrounded by temporary things – monthly subscriptions, phones that need to be upgraded and even ourselves, growing older. But we’re headed towards somewhere that is forever.

The Pilgrim’s Destination

5th Sep 2021

Mike Andrea


What is your destination in life? Where are we going – are we going anywhere?

As followers of Jesus, we have a greater purpose and something much bigger to focus on that what is in this world. What are you focussing on today? Job, money, relationships – or walking with Jesus, closer each day?

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