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Radical Settlers

6th Jun 2021

Chris Parker Joy


Here I am, send me

31st May 2021

Steve Morris


Wisdom of God

24th May 2021

Andy Soames


Andy talks to Mike & Gemma about where we find wisdom, what shapes us and looks at the story of Solomon to help guide us in times of change and uncertainty.


16th May 2021

Simon Benham


Simon Benham joins us from Kerith Community Church and shared some of their story of faith, believing and how that has built momentum in their journey together.

Moving Parts

9th May 2021

Stella Andrea


Occupying Territory

2nd May 2021

Jess Soames


How much faith would it have taken Gideon to take on an entire army with just 300 men? God gave Gideon the faith to not only take on the Midianite army, but to reduce his army as God asked him to.

Moved By Wisdom

25th Apr 2021

Mike Andrea


An Insatiable Thirst For More

18th Apr 2021

Mike Andrea


We are a people of movement; becoming a Christian isn’t a destination, it’s the start of a journey, but on that journey we want to build up momentum. Over this series we want to explore God’s promises and destiny over our lives as we explore growing momentum in our faith and ambition.

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