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Just Jesus

Jesus Is My Joy

18th Jul 2021

James Issott


From moments of grief to the arrival of his daughter, James shares how through every moment of life, Jesus is his joy. Watch James’ message as he explains how he finds – and keeps finding – joy in Jesus.

Jesus Is Bigger Than Me

11th Jul 2021

Adam Brewer


We all face big issues in our lives – and for many of them, we look to ourselves to be the answer. Ad reflects on how easy it is to make everything about us, but we should instead look at how our lives should reflect Jesus, and how he is the answer to our issues.

The One Thing

4th Jul 2021

Laura Miller


What is the ‘one thing’ that you’ve always held onto for support throughout your life? Maybe your relationship, hobbies, friends or family?

Laura shared some of her life’s story of university, illness and busyness. In each season she found ways to focus on just Jesus whilst experiencing the challenges around her.

My Firm Foundation

27th Jun 2021

Nath Skelton


What is your life built upon? Ambitions, achievements, relationships, maybe your own identity?

Nath shared his story of how he has walked with Jesus through the valleys and mountain tops of his life and has built his life with Jesus as the foundation.

The Hand of Jesus

20th Jun 2021

Stella Andrea


It’s easy to get wrapped up in the culture of the world, but we are taking this series to stay focussed on Jesus. Stella speaks from her own personal story on how Jesus’ work is at hand in our lives.

Missional People

13th Jun 2021

Mike Andrea


Mike started our new series, and we’re only talking about one person – it’s Just Jesus. In this series we’ll be discovering who Jesus is, how our identity relates to him and why we should live our lives with him at the centre.

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