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God on Mute

God on Mute: Out of the Ashes

21st Mar 2021

Mike Andrea


Out of times of darkness, comes hope and purpose. Out of this current season of pandemic, lockdown and the challenges of being apart physically, we can find a reassurance in God and reflect on the story he leads us on.

God On Mute: When Heaven is Silent

14th Mar 2021

Mike Andrea


Steve talks to Mike about what we do when we struggle to hear from God and it seems that are prayers are going without an answer. Continuing our series God on Mute.

God on Mute: Forsaken, Not Forgotten

7th Mar 2021

Richard Halse


What do we do when we feel forsaken, when we feel lost? Where was God in Jesus’ most anguishing moment and where do we look in our own aguish?

God on Mute: Perseverance

28th Feb 2021

Brian Heasley


Brian Heasley continues our series and speaks from his experience on praying with perseverance, even when it seems like we aren’t hearing any answers.

God on Mute: Engaging the Silence

21st Feb 2021

Stella Andrea


Stella starts our series following the book ‘God on Mute’ by opening up our questions of unanswered prayer.

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