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A ‘firebrand’ is someone who is known for being wildly devoted to a cause or idea; they enjoy pushing buttons and stirring up passions.

Love Wins

15th Nov 2020

Mike Andrea


What does it look like to love one another unconditionally? When we share love in this way, we can reconcile, and share in God’s vision for the world.

Opportunity & promotion

8th Nov 2020

Stella Andrea


Stella speaks on opportunities to share our faith with those around us

Strange Fires

18th Oct 2020

Chris Parker Joy


In the world, but not of the world… Chris continues our series on living lives of faith for Jesus

A call to prayer

11th Oct 2020

Pete Greig, Sammy Greig


Pete & Sammy Greig join us from Emmaus Road and talk about why now is such an important time for us to pray.

Fanning embers into flames

4th Oct 2020

Stella Andrea


Stella continues our Firebrands series and speaks on blowing on those embers in our lives that look like they’ve gone out, but can be turned into flames.

Foundations for living with purpose

20th Sep 2020

Steve Morris


Steve starts our new series Firebrands with how to create foundations for our faith and root ourselves in God

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