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Christmas Together 2020

Christmas Eve

24th Dec 2020

Mike Andrea


For us, Christmas really starts with our Christmas Eve service as we gather to celebrate the reason we have the presents, the family time, the food and the lights – it’s all about Jesus.

Family Nativity Service

20th Dec 2020


Watch again or catch up as we celebrate the Nativity Story, as retold by our news team and Glo Kids!

Give Joy

13th Dec 2020


We’re all waiting for the next exciting thing – toys, achievements, relationships, a better job, a bigger house… but nothing brings joy like the true contentment of knowing God.

Be Kind

6th Dec 2020

Richard Halse


Richard Halse continues our Christmas series by exploring the kindness of God in the context of Christmas.

Open the door to hope

29th Nov 2020

Jess Soames


Jess starts Advent this year and introduces our series around our three values this Christmas season – be kind, give joy, and find hope.

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