Prophetic Input

A prophetic insight to Glo from John Scott (June 2020). One of the beautiful encouragements God gives us are the words of the prophets, individuals gifted in hearing from the Lord specific words for people, churches and locations. In our June wider leaders gathering we invited John Scott (Wildfires / 24-7 Prayer) to share what he felt the Lord was saying to us as a church and the following is a transcript of the evening. Take some time to read and consider if any of this is for you! I would love to hear your thoughts just mail me –

…. I saw land almost like agricultural land but I saw stakes in the land and it had been marked out almost like a plot that you would have and you get the string and the stake and the strings marked out the specific spheres and the dimensions of the ground -then the Lord showed me He is about to give you land, He’s about to give Global Generation Church land – the 2 scriptures he gave me confirming this –

Exodus 23 v 20 “see I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you into a place of the land that I have prepared for you”

Psalm 125 v 3  “the sceptre of the wicked/authority of the wicked will not remain over the land allotted to the righteous, for then the righteous might use their hands to do evil”

I felt the Lord saying its not a land grab, its not something that you are grabbing for or grasping for but it’s something that the Lord is going to give you and I believe that part of this will be halfway houses like for people going from one place before they can fully integrate into society, I see a number of these almost like Georgian type houses but they were halfway; they were for a kind of rehabilitation and then I saw like a rehabilitation – I’m not meaning in the classic sense like for drugs or alcohol, although it could be that.. but the Lord is wanting to give you rehabilitation as well, and so be aware that in this season and the next season the council and city officials and various other people are going to give you land and buildings and part of that will be for halfway houses, people will come forward who have a heart for this and to get them off the streets; not just somebody – there’s a number of people in your congregation that have a heart for rehab and some of that’s partly for abused single mums who have suffered domestic violence as well.

… I see your church in multiple locations and for some reason the Lord is highlighting Ramsgate, the Lord is going to open up Ramsgate to you guys in a very very unexpected but a very unique way… 

Frederick Street is the street name that came to me – there’s something coming in Ramsgate that you guys are gonna be involved in that the Lord is gonna open up in a unique way to you. I also saw an industrial estate and as I saw this industrial estate I saw what looked like a unit and the unit was red and blue with kind of like blue shutters and blue things and red. 

I feel that in the future the Lord is either gonna give you or a multiple location like an industrial estate unit that will have blue shutters and red as well in it

The kind of word that the Lord gave me was from Acts Chapter 1 v 8 “but you will receive power, when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth”

I believe there is a unique outpouring coming to touch the Earth and I don’t say that lightly, it was power when God promised when Jesus promised the disciples power – it was power for a movement rather than a moment and it began in a moment on the day of Pentecost as in Acts 2, it began in a moment but actually birthed a movement.

I believe the Lord is saying to you guys at this time – you need to look to the movement within the moment; the potential of a movement within a moment just like Jesus with the women at the well it was a moment in time that led to a movement where the whole community was evangelised and the whole town and village came to faith. John 4 v 42 “we no longer believe just because you have told us but we also believe because we’ve heard Jesus”

I felt the Lord saying you need to rediscover the missional impulse of the church; how it’s outward focused not inward focused and I’m not saying that you are inward focused but I really feel this is a message on my heart at the moment that the church at large needs to rediscover its missional impulse and so it says “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you” – power follows the presence; the presence doesn’t follow power. I’ve seen loads of people seek the power without the presence and it is possible to move in power and have power and move in power for a season without the presence; but if you will seek the presence then God will give you the power – Jesus says you will receive power when the holy spirit comes upon you 

Acts 10 v38 how God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and power…

This is why I feel it’s important for you guys – I believe that God is calling Global Generation Church to gather around His presence so that He can reveal his power through you and I feel He’s waiting to speak to you, to touch your heart so that you can speak back to him in prayer what he has spoken to you so that then you can touch his heart and then he will open his hand to move in power; so he’s calling you in the season of Covid & lockdown and everything else to gather around His presence because he’s ready to pour out His power, He wants to demonstrate His raw power and I’m talking about incredible miracles the blind seeing, the lame walking, the deaf hearing, that’s for everybody and more besides.

John 3 v 2 “Rabbi, we know you are a teacher who has come from God because no-one can do the miraculous signs…

The whole theme is the presence….

.. I believe the Lord has called you guys in this time in this place to gather around the presence so he can reveal his power Luke 5:17 and the power of the Lord was with Jesus..

The reason the power was there is because the presence was there Jesus himself was there 

You’re going to rediscover the missional impulse – you can’t go on an apostolic mission without that miraculous power  Acts 19:11 God did extraordinary miracles through the hands of Paul ….

The Lord wants to release the power that you’ve been praying for and it comes through gathering in and around His presence

There’s coming a season of revelatory prayer 

God is about to open your eyes and that’s to see that God is doing things in a new way in a unique way and so as you begin to pray for that you will begin to take land – throughout the old and new testament everything is linked to territory and land, so if you’re planting a church you plant a church in a specific geographical location – that’s land; or if you’re influencing a territory or influencing a people group, again there is land involved and this whole thing about land and the presence, the Lord is about to open your eyes as a church to see where He is moving and I believe that Ramsgate is a part of that and for some reason something is about to happen in Ramsgate organically, spontaneously  that is gonna call you to it. I see a localised outpouring with Global consequences 

I believe you are about to experience a localised outpouring that will have a global expression and dimension to it.  Everything that God does for you and in you is for the purpose of going beyond you 

“you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth” 

This is why I think this is important for you guys – God has raised you up as a local church with a generational mandate, I was looking up the name Global Generation and I thought Lord; names in the Old Testament were significant, what is it you’re saying here and I felt that the Lord said he has called you in this generation to touch the nations of the earth that’s the mandate He has given you, He has called you as a church to link the generations between the old and the young but He’s also given you a mandate to touch the nations of the earth and here’s what that will look like for you guys I believe – there’s an apostolic thing mentioned to this ministry so for yourself Mike, global change there will be a role change for you, you will move from being like a shepherd pastoral role to like a rancher, you will oversee things, that’s not to say that you will not still have the hands-on day to day but there’s gonna be a change in your role where there’s gonna be more of an oversight and apostolic dimension and function to what you do.  There’s gonna be an increase in spheres of influence in territory where God is gonna expand the church into different places, Ramsgate throughout the whole of Thanet and beyond and what He’s doing, He’s gonna send people to new territories so your’e gonna have people come to you and say I have a burning for this area and I think the whole thing/difference between an apostolic church and just a church is that in church we are concentrated on how many people come but an apostolic church like in Antioch they were more interested in how many people went and the great commission is not about people coming it’s about people going and so you will find that God is going to begin to speak to a number of your people about going into new territories so that will be geographic but God is also going to speak to people demographically. I see God opening up new people groups to you  … I see God opening up people like involved in sex trafficking and the sex industry who are just enslaved in that and that God is gonna use your church to bring people and freedom and release for the prisoners and one of the ways you are gonna see this is actually I don’t know how far in the future this is gonna be but I don’t think it’s that far, you’ll see in your newspaper that there’s something gonna come to light about a sexual abuse scandal in your area with children in care or whatever and that’s gonna come to the fore and when you see that you will know that the Lord is highlighting this is something for somebody to get involved in, so the anointing is both geographic and demographic – you’ve got people in your midst who are wondering what they’re called to do and sometimes you only find what you’re called to do when you connect geographically or demographically in the place that you’re meant to be and the people that you’re meant to be with and so you find in Exodus 2 v 10 “when Moses grew up he went out ….

And he never discovered his purpose until he changed his environment 

Going out and changing his environment connected him with his assignment

So many people in the church ask what is God assigning me to do?

The Lord is also going to give you apostolic influences as a church in terms of teaching, training, overseeing, releasing and imparting to other churches locally, regionally and nationally and internationally, you need to begin to see what the Lord has on you as a church guys and this is not stuff I’ve made up, this is stuff I’ve prayed through

This is not a word I would give to any and every church, in fact I think this is the first word like this that I have ever given. The other thing I got Isaiah 54 2 and 3 “enlarge the place of your tent stretch forth your curtains wide and drive your stakes”….  the whole thing about stakes again

I believe it’s a thing called the law of place, sometimes God creates a place for your anointing to function and flow where it should 

I believe the Lord is gonna show you specific places where the anointing is gonna have an impact and bring breakthrough in terms of bringing release and deliverance for many many people and I believe there are missionaries coming to your church – young people in their late teens/early 20’s who have got a missional call to media/arts/culture to music and to various other ways they’re gonna say I have a burning passion for this and I believe the lord is gonna release those people within your midst    

I also see worship, you guys gathering around worship and around the presence of God and I see an anointing come upon Global Generation Church for worship like never before. I see 2 worship albums coming from you and to that end I see a season of prolific song-writing, for the Lord is gonna touch not just the worship guys but different guys where there’s an ability to write different songs not just for the house but songs that will touch the nation as well, so just be aware that there’s a whole call to worship and intercession

The phrase I got – Acts 15  46 – that God would come and restore Davids fallen tent/ Davids tabernacle, the whole thing about David’s tabernacle when you look at it, David assigned worshippers and prophetic people to lead worship 24/7 – I don’t believe you will do it like 24/7 prayer but I believe there is something similar that the Lord is raising up like 24/7 worship in your place I see it similar to that, on the heart of the Lord at this time and really gathering around the presence and the whole purpose is for missional engagement, that’s the whole purpose, the whole thing about Jesus and the father is that He wants to fill all things with his son every day and everywhere in every way