Glo Online

Glo Online is church for anyone who cannot be part of our physical collective of church but wanting to be part of our church community and expression of faith. Supported by a digital church life team and integrated alongside our physical expression of Church. Glo Online is our fourth location of church.

“Anyone who is to find Christ must first find the church. How could anyone know where Christ is and what faith is in him unless he knew where his believers are?”


Gather Online

Sunday Mornings

Our collective gathering for all ages start at 10am with worship, learning and opportunity for ministry. Live streaming of services will resume on 8th May and you can catch up with past recordings on our website or YouTube.

The first Sunday of each month is offline and in person only to allow a less structured service and time for extended prayer.

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Community Online

Community is essential in growing and living a healthy expression the Christian faith. Glo Online facilitates weekly communities hosted through Zoom for all ages.

Online communities are varied from learning communities, Ministry of Fun and other activities. To access more information about belonging to a Glo Online Community just submit a request here.

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Prayer Online

Access a host of rhythms of prayer and ministry online. Daily prayer every morning, virtual prayer rooms and worship nights are just a few expressions on being a praying church.

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Kids and Youth Online

Kids and Youth have communities and events that are streamed online as well as online resources to help strengthen their faith including video devotionals, downloadable resources packs, online worship and learning streams.


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I'm New to Glo

Whether you are an established Christian looking for a church, exploring who Jesus is or someone who wants to be part of a team making a difference in the community. Glo Steps will point you in the right direction...

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Tony’s Story

"I had a miraculous healing but I received a miraculous life because of Gods grace, the mental healing, the financial healing and a life with my grandchildren. What I have in Jesus I wouldn’t change for the world."

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