Hope City Update


Q&A with Mike and Stella

Latest Update from Thursday 10th June

Photos of the building


Answered prayers:

  • The email sent to Saga came before the right people who will make decisions regarding the sale of the building.
  • A meeting with Saga has been arranged for 10th June.
  • Cabinet minister for planning gave verbal confirmation that the planning permissions needed for the Saga building will go through.
  • Meeting with Saga on the 10th June was very positive (watch video update above for more details)

Next prayer steps:

  • For Saga to consider giving us the building and land or negotiate the lowest price possible.
  • Favour in meetings with the CEO of CAF and Stewardship services as we explore finance options, including a mortgage (up to £2.5 million) and potential donor/philanthropic support.
  • For the right finance option with the right lender so we have money to move in and get started serving the community as soon as possible.
  • Continued favour with the planning office.

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