Are you weary, come, are you thirsty, drink.

Dear Glo,

As I prayed this morning I found myself stumbling over Zechariah 10:1

“Ask the Lord for rain in the spring, for he makes the storm clouds. And he will send showers of rain so every field becomes a lush pasture.”

It sounds a bit cliche but after this weeks storm I noticed a strange yet instant transformation in our front garden, we have an olive tree growing over our porch and it suddenly become so vibrant and lush, literally the night of downpours and brought instant renewal to the tree, over a matter of hours it went from being a rather nice tree looking a bit glim to a vibrant, rich, lush planting. As i prayed with that in my head I heard the Lord say remember the rain of my spirit?….ask for the storm clouds….and they will come. Something genuinely lept inside of me of hope for a fresh visitation of the Holy Spirit, the kind that is a little crazy and wild, the kind that satisfies the parts of us that others things cant (no not Heineken lager). So I asked how, what does this look like and I remembered Elijah praying for Gods intervention in a drought, he prayed several times at the base of Mount Carmel for rain, several times means it didn’t happen on the first prayer but with persistence and what happens …a cloud emerges on the horizon that births a deluge of blessing to the land, a renewal and restoration. I think the Lord wants to do this amongst us I really do. Zechariah 10 follows on emphasising new strength, new laughter, new authority and new delight of the Lord over the church and the land….man I want thiS…I NEED this…dont you?

I just write this to encourage us all, to push our buttons and invite you to hope, believe, ask for spiritual rain and replenishment, to press us to give pursuit for a personal fresh touch.

  1. Dont give up – It’s been hard but this is not the end game, there is better to come.
  2. Dont stand still – pursue God, go to the thin places of worship and encounter we are hosting ( Courtyard Worship /Thursday in particular)
  3. Dont go alone – grab those that journey with you and do this with friends.

This Sunday at Courtyard Worship at 6pm, rain or shine, were going to worship and personally pray for every person there …come close and He will come close to you. Are you thirsty…come and drink, are you hungry…come and eat, are you weary …come and be strengthened, are you sick….come and be prayed for ….are you ok…come and be a blessing to others.

Together we are stronger.

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