A Church Encouragement

Hello Glo.

As we head into this weekend, we will be taking our Vision Sunday offering but before we do I wanted to encourage us with a few thoughts for this new lockdown season.

1) Be humble, my goodness no one was built for this and none of got taught this stuff when we started out so own what you do not understand with a vulnerability toward Jesus and each other. Most days involve me praying ‘really?!’ Or ‘Lord Jesus I have no idea?’ And some days just a simple bewildered ‘you are there aren’t you?’ 

2) Be Hopeful. God is faithful, he has not quit on us nor the promises over the church we are part of. The people we are responsible for and the communities we live in. I am more convinced than ever the ending of this season will be one of spiritual awakening and salvation. 

( I have no theological basis for a statement other than a deep conviction) 

3) Be present, I do believe we need to start banging our swords against our shields (Troy) and being present with our voice, online presence and practical support. Let us be careful to not do ‘catch up church’ but present and committed to the moment. 

4) Be encouragementits like rocket fuel to one another, The letters of the apostles repeatedly tell us to encourage because encouragement is to inspire with courage, spirit, or confidence.

Make it a daily practice to encourage someone else, God knows I need it and I am sure you do to.

4) Be Generous, in our regular giving and our offering. The bigger challenge is upon us, the Lords blessing has been remarkable but the conduit of blessing is you and I, he uses us, our stuff to bless.

It would be this time of year we ask the church to :

1) Evaluate their monthly giving, if you have experienced increase then….increase, if you have experienced a reduction then…make a reduction if needed. If you are new to giving then why not consider a regular giving / tithe.

2) Give a special offering, and we are doing that this weekend. Offerings are our opportunity to be invested and show gratitude with our finance that ultimately will bless another person.

Again so many have shared of Gods favour financially in these times experiencing increase when the world around us is experiencing the opposite, give to the Lord offerings of your fruitfulness.

I wince as as I prayed on this but I felt the Lord remind me of Malachi 3 :6-12 I dare you to read this ….its a touch uncomfortable yet encouraging ( last line especially)

As we take the offering tomorrow you will be sent a special offering link via text, just follow the link, its a way we can physically respond albiet not in a room together.



PS. If you know Gillian Rayner do message Gillian as she has made the move to Cornwall and will be missed in so many ways but wow what courage to start a new adventure (and revival in Cornwall).

Don’t give up on prayer, we are in the darkest part of night which is the closest to the break of dawn. 

Don’t give up on worship, our songs (however we sing them) is fuel to our souls and fragrance to the throne room. 

Don’t give up on doing good (even though we’re tired) because every good work is a seed just waiting to hear fruits of salvation.