Glo Community Hub

The Glo Community Hub is a fantastic space in the heart of Ramsgate right in the centre of a bustling community.

The hub aims to serve the people of Ramsgate in a number of ways whether that be by providing support and activities for young families or through other person-centred services.

The Hub also houses a fantastic café that is open through the week!

Hub Cafe opening times:
Tuesday  12.30-2pm
Wednesday  10-2pm
Friday  12.30-2pm

For any more information contact us at

Please note: If you have any Covid symptoms please do not enter the venue.

Find us on Belmont Street, Ramsgate, CT11 8QN

Baby Massage

A 4-week introduction to Baby Massage! This course for beginners will really help you to bond more deeply with your baby and give you techniques to calm and relax both yourself and baby.

Baby massage has proven to be a wonderful help to those suffering with Post Natal depression. It is most suited to babies not yet on the move (Aged  4 weeks to approx 8 months).

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Kids Matter Parenting Programme

Being a parent is not an easy task, and sadly children don’t come with a manual! If you feel like you are struggling, lacking confidence or just finding it all overwhelming this programme can help you.

In a non-judgmental and supportive environment you will find ways to parent more confidently and feel empowered to do things differently. Please note, this is a 5-week programme most suitable for parents who have primary school aged children. We are able to offer creche support should you need this.

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