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Vision & Values

Our vision and values shape who we are and where we are going. They give us an identity and help us to see ourselves in the bigger picture and how we are a part of it.

Glo is not a church that simply meets on Sundays, but a family of people from all walks of life and different ages – all equally important. Whether you are just visiting, looking to find a church in the area or wanting to connect into some of the work we do in our community, you are most welcome!

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a family of passionate believers who love Jesus, love each other and love the community that we live in. Our vision is to be a people that encounter and experience God’s presence and share it with the world around us. A family of believers that express the kingdom of God in every area of our lives.

Our Vision is to be an honest, caring, genuine and authentic Acts 2 community who do life together sharing in the good news that Jesus saves and transforms lives. We serve God by serving others, coming together, sharing together and doing life together under one banner: that Jesus saves, and Jesus transforms communities.

Our Values

As a church we hold to the values of being a people of Worship, Community and Generosity. Everyone that calls Glo their home make up part of the story and the things that God leads us into. Its definitely an adventure!


We love worship, its central to our daily lives to worship God and serve the world around us. It's our song, it's the way we live our lives, a reflection of Jesus wherever we may be.

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We are family, all ages, and different walks of life all following after the same Jesus. We laugh, love, cry together. We cheer each other on and we forgive when mistakes get made.

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We love to be generous because God is generous. To be a generous church made up of generous individuals. Generous in Love, Generous with our things, Generous with everything.

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