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Glo Steps

Everyone needs a starting point in discovering how to make Glo their home. That is what Glo Steps is for...

Glo Steps is for everyone exploring whether Glo is right for them. Whether you are an established Christian looking for a church, exploring who Jesus is and searching out the meaning of God and life or someone who wants to be part of a team making a difference in the community.

Glo Steps will point you in the right direction.



Glo Life

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Joining the vision is important for anyone looking to make a home in any church and Glo Life gives the opportunity to fully understand how we work, what our unique purpose and contribution as a church is, and what the vision of Glo is.

At a ‘Glo Life Evening’ You’ll get to meet some of the team and discover how we operate as a leadership, hear our story, past, present and discover our plans for future. Glo Life is a 2 hour evening that happens 4 times a year.

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We encourage people to explore, to be curious, to take some brave first steps of discovery....

Get a Coffee - Meet up with someone, and take time to hear their story and learn why Glo is their church?

Alpha Course & Sundays - If you are new to Christianity, exploring spirituality or finding your way home to church, then come to an Alpha Course.

Gatherings - We host three services. Two on a Sunday and a midweek service called Café Church.

Glo Community Groups - Make friends, experience other's stories of Jesus and expressions of faith.

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Get involved in one of the many expressions of church by volunteering a few hours in one of the projects. Sharing experiences with others creates community, builds friendship and builds the kingdom at the same time. Here at Glo we encourage everyone to serve in one area of the church as well as to be served in the many different ways we meet.

You don’t have to be a member of Glo to volunteer but you would need to provide a valid character reference if you’re not from the Glo Community.

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View our calendar of events to come along to. We would love to see you at one of our gatherings or special events.

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