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Why Pray?

Prayer is the foundation of who we are at Glo – without prayer, nothing happens. It’s the place where God connects and responds to us, points us in the right direction and gives us the assurance that God is with us.

You can expect all kinds of expressions of prayer at Glo. Why not watch this amazing video that describes how prayer transforms lives and the world we live.

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Watch Video
What to expect.

Glo Prayer Room

The Prayer Room at The Glo Centre has hosted many prayer weeks, and has witnessed healings, miracles and moments of encounter with God.

Much of what makes Glo the church that it is, comes from our prayer room - the prayers that have come from there and how God has answered.

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Revival Run

Take a moment and be foolish, take a risk, make prayer a stake and just go and stick in the ground of another place and pray! This is what we call a revival run, take a deep breath, naming a place and planting a prayer. Anyone can do it and everyone should, who knows what might happen?

Revival Run is simply an idea, an idea that came out of a moment of prayer that some people thought about playing their part in praying across a nation.

Be the adventure...

24-7 Prayer

24-7 Prayer Movement

The 24-7 Prayer movement started with a single prayer room in 1999, with the soul purpose of spending dedicated time in the presence of God. From that original prayer room, the movement has spread across more than half of the countries in the world and out of the prayers spoken, sung and written, God has answered in amazing ways.

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Watch Video