Cafe Relaunch – Fond Coffee

18th March 2018 | 12.00pm

On the 18th March we will be relaunching the Gilgal Cafe’s products in partnership with our new coffee supplier – Fond Coffee. We’ve been working with the company over the last couple of months to improve the quality of what we sell starting with coffees as well as some changes to our hot chocolates and other drinks and snacks. On the launch Colin and Keiron (the founders of Fond Coffee) will be on hand to answer any questions, so if you’re wondering about the coffees flavours and production or the treatment of the farmers that grow it then they’ll be happy to explain all about it. All of the barristers who work on our cafe have been or are being retrained as we want to make sure you get a great cup of coffee every time. We’re so confident that the changes will bring a new great taste so we have decided that the launch will include a free coffee for everyone. So why not hang out with friends after the service, grab a coffee for free from the bar to try it for yourself!

If you’re not a coffee drinker we’ll still have our great selection of hot drink alternatives, soft drinks and snacks available to buy as well as some new additions to each part of the menu.

We hope you like it as much as we do!


The Glo Centre
Unit 2, Strasbourg Street

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