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21 Days I 24-7 Prayer

22nd September 2019 | 6.00pm

3 weeks, 21 Days, 504 opportunities to boldly seek God purposefully for our Church, our community, our heavenly hopes and expectations for  the place we live. Three times a year we set aside time in the rhythms of 24-7 Prayer to simply pray and stand in the gap for Gods Kingdom to invade our world. It is not a retreat or pulling back but rather a leaning into the advancement of the miraculous for each other, our community and where we we live.

Inspired by Hebrews 10 this next season of prayer will not disappoint as we boldly, without wavering, take hold of  Gods promises through prayer, ask for the impossible to become possible and hear the Lord for one anothers encouragement as well. These  times involve everyone as and there are God appointments just for you,  to seek, ask and obey and to also receive, hear and be encouraged.

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The Glo Centre
Unit 2, Strasbourg Street

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