7th November 2019 | 7.30pm

1830 is a creative, fun, new space for community, it’s not so much about age, it’s more about a stage of life. This season encapsulates a period of life where big decisions are made about careers, lifestyle, relationships etc. which is an exciting but sometimes daunting time. We want to create spaces and opportunity that encourage growth, friendship and discipling one another through all of that, journeying together in a season full of change.

Initially this will take the form of an informal monthly gathering on a Thursday night on the first full week of each month at The Bottle Shop in Margate. This will be a chance to take some time to meet others in a similar season of life, an opportunity to strike up friendships, join in some creative discussions or just grab a (great) beer! So join us for a drink, bring a friend and we look forward to seeing you there.


Eats 'n' Beats
Addington Street
CT11 9JN

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