Alpha Sunday

Sunday 3rd October

11:30am  – 

Alpha Sunday meets in the Aspiration Centre at Glo alongside the 11:30am Sunday Gathering. 

It is designed especially to help and support people who are 
exploring or are new to faith. It will help to explain the basic foundations of what it means to be a Christian and how we can start to live out this faith in our everyday lives.

It is a relaxed and informal course with lots of opportunity to discuss and to ask questions and receive prayer.

Autumn sessions:

Oct 3rd            1 - How can I understand the Bible?
Oct 10th           2 -  How can I learn how to pray?
Oct 24th           3 - Why is it hard to feel close to God?
Oct 31st           4 - How does God's love find a solution to our separation from Him?
Nov 7th         5 - Who is Jesus and what has He done for us?
Nov 14th       6 - What does it mean to be born again?
Nov 21st       7 - Why is Baptism important and what does it really mean?

If you are interested in joining this course please email
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