Prayer is the foundation of who we are at Glo – without prayer, nothing happens. It’s where God connects with us and responds to us and is a priority to us.

Glo is a part of 24-7 Prayer Communities and International movement of prayer, mission and justice. We prioritise this through various rhythms of prayer, ministry and resources.

Pray Together

Pray with others online in our rhythms of prayer, lean into To Gods love, look at our lives and the world through Gods perspective and call on God to the things that only God can do.

Morning Prayer

Weekday mornings at 7:30am for 15 minutes on zoom (term time only). Prayer will be led by various leaders of Glo. Meeting ID: 91248760618 Password: prayer

Join the morning prayer meeting online

24-7 Prayer

Every term Glo will host a week of continual 24-7 prayer in our dedicated prayer room. The prayer room is available to book during office hours. Please contact the office if you would like more information about how to book and access the prayer room.

Pray on your own

Access resources that help you to pray and journey wa shared life with God

Get Prayer

If you would like prayer post a prayer request and one of our prayer team will pray for you.