Glo’s work with children encourages every child to encounter Jesus, know Gods presence for themselves, learn God’s ways for life and be a generation that reflects him.

Every child can encounter Jesus and develop character to be a generation that reflects Jesus wherever they are.

Glo hosts three children congregations on Sundays and kids communities every week.

The team that serves our children carry a joint desire that every child can experience the presence of God in their lives at a young age, live develop healthy lifestyles, understand prayer and be able to see what God is doing around them. (All of the volunteers working on our Children’s Teams have been vetted by our safeguarding officer and have full DBS checks.)

Glo Kids Online

Glo Kids Online gives households access to all of our children’s resources from your home, worship, learning activities, bible stories and so much more.

Glo Kids Sundays

Glo Babies

A dedicated space at Glo with a live feed to the service for families with new borns finding their voice and little legs.

Glo Tots (Pre school)

For all pre-schoolers where parents and team create a fun vibrant space for 0-4 yrs to start their own adventure of faith. You can expect a lot of games, singing and animated storytelling about bible heroes.

Explorers (Reception – year 2)

Explorers come together and explore the amazing life God has for them, doing church explorers style it is literally a place of exploration through creativity, music, story telling and so much more.

Adventurers (Years 3-5)

Adventurers is a church space that encourages our kids to encounter God presence and discover the plans, ideas and adventures he has for every person.

Glo Kids Community

Community Groups

Mid-week communities where Glo kids meet up, be community and church together.

Parent Prayer

Gathering to pray for families alongside mid-week kids community groups.

Special Events

Find out about Glo Kids Special events here

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