Healing Rooms Feedback

Healing Rooms - Feedback
Thank you for joining us at the healing rooms and we hope you had a good experience with us.
Remember it may take a few days for you to notice significant change so don’t feel you have to rush and fill this in on the same day of your visit to us.

Please feel free to fill in this feedback form and let us know of any know of any changes to you condition/s.
3) Would you like to be be made aware of other services we can provide you with:
Did you know?
Healing Rooms in not a one time experience, if your illness/condition persists you can visit again for more prayer. Some people have come back three or four times and have received their healing over a period of time, so don’t be put off.

"Jesus said to the blind man after praying for him “Can you see anything?” The man looked up and said “I can see people, but they look like trees walking around’. Once again Jesus placed His hands on the man’s eyes, and when he opened them his sight was restored, and he could see everything clearly.…" - Mark 8:24

Many Thanks,
Stella - on behalf of the Team