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Aspire Homeless

26th January 2017

Remember the Poor

Jesus said, “remember the poor.” He also said that we will always have the poor with us so it is hard to ignore the growing number of homeless people in our community. For sure the summer season increases the amount of homeless guests in our towns but with winter approaching it is clear that for many people they have made Thanet their home – without a home.

The church in the area is hosting a variety of services that invests in the homeless community and Glo is also taking steps to help make a difference.

From November this year, the Aspire programme will launch a bespoke pathway of services and resources to our homeless community ranging from outreach teams, education pathways and rehabilitation initiatives.

Working in partnership with the local authority, other churches and projects, we all hope to bring hope and purpose to those who want this in their lives.

How can you become part of the story?

–  Outreach Teams  –

We are creating outreach teams that will connect with our homeless communities at different times throughout the week. Could you be in one of these teams?

With multiple teams in action this means you can choose from options to suit you.

–  Mentors  – 

Aspire is developing light touch courses to help each person as an individual, ranging from debt advice, health and wellbeing support, through to getting a National Insurance number.

You dont have to be an expert to journey with a person – all you have to be is a friend. Could you be a friend to another?

–  Royalty Evenings  – 

Once a month we will take the bus and team and park at the winter shelter for one purpose alone – to pamper our new friends; manicures, hair cuts, foot therapy and whatever else we can create to run on a bus. We want to allow a person to know that they are Royalty in our eyes and God’s.

How do you know love God really well… by loving the things he loves really well.

Go on and get involved.

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