24-7 Prayer Week

11th January 2017

Prayer is central to all that we are – and we will be launching into our 15th Year Anniversary with a week of 24-7 Prayer and three corporate prayer Lock-Ins.

Prayer Week – Sunday 22nd – Saturday 28th January

Lock Ins – Sunday 22nd, 6:00pm  •  Tuesday 24th, 8:00pm  •  Thursday 26th, 8:00pm

144 hours of non-stop prayer, Sunday to Saturday, seeking, thanking and asking God to lead on in the adventure he has called us to as church.

New to 24-7 Prayer?

It is the most amazing way to pray and encounter God.

Just book an hour slot online or at Glo on Sundays. Prayer slots start on the hour every hour for 7 days.

When you arrive to pray, you simply ring the door bell and the person praying before you hands the room over to you to continue the unbroken rhythm of prayer.

Get creative with prayer

Don’t think it is all about saying lots of words and sitting in silence.

You can expect graffiti walls, worship feeds, art areas, a reading lounge and so much more to help you connect in prayer. An hour will seem like a passing moment, and you will be suprised as how fast the time really flies.

And don’t worry – there are helpful guides throughout the room to explain every area.

Ways to get involved

Book Online –

At the Glo Centre – book during a Sunday Gathering on the prayer planner

Call the office – book over the phone – 01843 226232

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