Worship Community Generosity

Worship Community Generosity

Welcome to Glo. Church for everyone, everywhere, everyday. From Sunday services to community transformation, communities for all ages – Glo makes a place to call home for everyone.

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Sundays Online

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Sunday 27th at 10am

Sunday Mornings are family gatherings prioritised with worship, learning and prayer.

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Missional People

Sunday 13 Jun 2021

Mike Andrea

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Chazs Story
"All my family and friends said how amazing the picture was when I came up out of the water, how genuinely happy I looked. No matter how bad a start you’ve had in life or it might be now you have nothing to lose with Jesus."
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What's On

Sundays at Glo

Sunday at 10am & 11:30am

Youth Day

Saturday 19th June at 10am-2pm

Courtyard Worship

Sunday 20th June at 6pm

Morning Prayer

Weekdays at 7:30am

Cafe Church

Tuesday 22nd June at 7:30pm

Evening Prayer

Tuesday & Thursday at 9:30pm

Community Hub Cafe

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

Glo Youth

Wednesday 23rd June at 7pm

Healing Rooms

Friday 25th June at 10am

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One Church: all ages

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Kids Youth Communities

Every child is a work of wonder with a God adventure waiting for them full of encounter, fun and love.

A place young people can encounter God and discover their unique identity and purpose for living life to the full.

Communities for all ages and different expressions where people can share life, deepen faith and become who God has made you to be.

I'm New to Glo

Whether you are an established Christian looking for a church, exploring who Jesus is or someone who wants to be part of a team making a difference in the community. Glo Steps will point you in the right direction...

Step 1: Experience

We encourage people to explore and to take some brave steps of discovery. Whether you are exploring Christianity, looking for a church or wanting to serve the community take some time to explore.

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Step 2: Explore 

Understand how we work, what our unique purpose and contribution as a church is, and what the vision of Glo is local and beyond. At Glo Life you’ll get to meet some of the team, hear our story, past, present and meet some of the team.

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Step 3: Get Involved

Get involved by volunteering a few hours in one of our projects. Sharing experiences with others creates community, builds friendship and builds the kingdom at the same time. Serving is loving others.

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