The aim of a Sozo is to help people find freedom from the impact of wounds and lies on their relationship with God. The Sozo Ministry originates from Bethel Church, Redding in California. It uses a collection of different tools, some discovered at Bethel and some learnt from other ministries. The word “sozo” is actually a Greek word used in the bible which means to save, to make well or to make whole.

Through prayer, we seek to close doors to the enemy’s influence in our lives and also to help people to connect with each member of the Godhead; God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. Sozo is not counselling. Rather, it is a means of helping people to relate to God by following the leading of the Holy Spirit, so that they might hear from God themselves and receive directly from God the freedom that they need.

A session is led by one person with a second person present to pray, possibly to offer suggestions for a way forward and to write down what the person attending may hear from God, be it words, pictures etc. A session may take anything from one to two hours, depending on each individual and on what God may want to do. Everything shared is completely confidential.
 A Sozo can be helpful for anybody. Some people come with a particular issue that they want to sort out or they may feel that they have hit an impasse in their walk with God. Others come with nothing wrong, just eager to know more of God and to grow as a believer.

At Global Generation Church, we would strongly encourage people to have a Sozo at some point as it can be a really helpful opportunity for God to move them forward in their relationship with him. Many people have already found this to be a valuable experience. Sozo does not replace discipleship. Rather, it can provide an opportunity for God to set us free so we can walk in a new direction, replacing old habits and mind sets by dwelling on God’s truth.

If you would like to book a Sozo, please fill in the Application form below and email it to Our Sozo administrator will then contact you to arrange a suitable time.

At the moment, Sozo bookings are open only to Glo members, though we hope to open this up to those outside of Glo in time.

Before coming to your Sozo:

Please fill in the application form and the booking form to book a slot for your sozo.

Download and read through ‘Forgiveness – The Key to Freedom

Download and sign the liability form


Your contribution to the Sozo ministry would be greatly appreciated. In order for us to resource and develop this ministry, we suggest a gift of £25 for those who are able. You can donate online by clicking ‘Donate to Sozo’ below.

If you would prefer to give by cash or cheque you can bring your donation along to your Sozo session (Cheques made payable to Global Generation Church)

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