J:Revs is a youth movement that exists to create space where young people can encounter the presence of God and learn more of the adventure of having a life with him. We hang out, have fun, eat together, worship – as well as going on some crazy adventures – creating an environment where young people can bring their friends to, because they’re ignited by what God is doing.

J:Revs One

On alternate weeks all the young people gather together in one place and do church together J:Revs style. You can expect live worship, youth speakers, crazy fun and of course…food!

J:Revs Community Groups

Every other week J:Revs breaks out into small group communities at the Glo Centre for more community, learning and life hacks of how to be a christian as a young person.

Fridays : The Big Social

Once a month J:Revs literally goes on a big social, gravity, rapids, climbing walls or venturing into the wild outdoors…it is always an adventure!

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